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NitrogenSports Review 2017 – Is This The Best Bitcoin SportsBook?

NitrogenSports Review
NitrogenSports Review

NitrogenSports Review – The Biggest BitCoin SportsBook


Join the future of betting with this excellent sportsbook.

NitrogenSports.eu the biggest and most reliable Bitcoin. NitrogenSports offers pre-match markets on a wide range of sports. NitrogenSports are the leading Bitcoin sportsbook. They will not restrict winning players. They accept players from many countries including the United States.

Nitrogen offers various sports including CS:GO, LOL, Dota and other esports. Furthermore, they offer soccer, American football, rugby, basketball and many other sports.

  • Amazing Odds (Pinnacle lines)
  • 2-FA
  • Deposits and Withdrawals are quick
  • Lots of Sports to bet on
  • Reliable
  • Good Limits
  • Lots of Giveaways on Twitter
  • Frequent Free Bet Promotions
  • Winners don’t get limited.
  • Can Take Up To 24 Hours to Grade Bets
  • Old Design/UI
  • Games can be taken down 30 minutes or so before the match starts.

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NitrogenSports Review: Design

The website design is fairly outdated. However, it is reliable and works which are what its users want to see.

The design is simple. If you want to bet on Baseball then you simply find the baseball category than the league you want to bet on and all the games will appear. This is exactly how we expect a sportsbook to work. We would like to see an updated design, one that is nicer to the eyes. However, it is not our main priority.

The Account section is nicely organised. It is easy to change your password, sign out & add 2-FA.

It is also incredibly easy to view your open and closed bets with a whole section dedicated to that.

NitrogenSports Review: Features

NitrogenSports looks simple however it has a wide range of features. Including a Casino, Poker & SportsBook which meets the needs of every gambler.

NitrogenSports main feature is its SportsBook. They offer a wide range of sports like eSports, Soccer, Basketball and much more. To add to this they offer various markets like match winners, handicaps, total rounds, pistol round winners and the list goes on. Furthermore, they offer Parlays and Teasers which is a great feature for those who like them.

NitrogenSports does offer live betting, however, this feature is incredibly limited. They do not offer any eSports live betting, the live betting is generally Soccer, Basketball or Baseball. It is good that they offer live betting, however, we would love to see them offer eSports live betting and for the feature to be more advanced.

Various competitions are held on their Twitter which allows all of their Twitter followers to earn extra BitCoin. NitrogenSports also offer frequent free bets which can be found on their blog.

Live chat is another feature unique to NitrogenSports, where you are able to interact with Nitrogen Staff and with other users. They also offer e-mail support and support through a built-in ticket system.

Nitrogen Sports Review
Nitrogen Sports Review

NitrogenSports Review: Promotions

As stated elsewhere, NitrogenSports offers a lot of promotions. Including the NFL Survivor Pool where players can register for free to win $2,000. This is great to see and is great for beginner bettors who don’t want to lose any money but gain a lot. By simply following their Twitter account or their blog you will be able to see all of their promotions and giveaways.

NitrogenSports Review: Odds & Limits

From our experience, NitrogenSports odds are some of the best in the industry. For example, when betting on Baseball we noticed NitrogenSports took a 10% house cut on the match winner. This is incredibly impressive and you will only see equal or better lines on Pinnacle and LunarBets. Unfortunately, eSports lines are generally a worse with the house cut being 24%.

NitrogenSports Odds
NitrogenSports Odds

Limits are great on NitrogenSports for the most part. Real Sports generally have very good limits, reaching around $16,000 for baseball match winner. The Limits on eSports are not as good. Low Tier games often have limits around $150. Whereas Tier 1 limits can go up to $5,000.

Another great thing about NitrogenSports is they do not limit their customers. If you win and keep on winning they will not ban your or limit you like many other sportsbooks would.

In bitcoin terms, the minimum bets can be as low as 0.0001 which is excellent to see.

NitrogenSports eSports Odds
NitrogenSports eSports Odds

NitrogenSports Review: Markets

We briefly talked about earlier. Compared to other bitcoin sportsbooks NitrogenSports offer one of the widest variety of sports to bet on.

The bet types that they offer for eSports is pretty impressive. For its CSGO Betting markets, NitrogenSports offers match winner, map handicap, series handicap, map over/under, pistol round winner & first to 5 rounds.

One issue I did have with NitrogenSports is they sometimes close their CSGO markets up to 30 minutes before the games start. This is a major issue for those who like to bet once they see the map picks.

Nitrogen Sports Transactions

Unique deposit addresses: Yes

Payment Processor: NitrogenSports

Fee: None

Deposits: Instant

Withdrawal time: Pretty Quick

Player to player transfer: Available.

NitrogenSports Review: Customer Service

From our experience, NitrogenSports Customer Service is pretty good.

There is always a moderator or admin in their live chat who will be able to answer and simple questions that can be sorted out instantly. These moderators are able to send your bet slips to get graded or pass messages onto the higher-ups.

There is also a ticket system which has also been pretty good. When asking a question they were able to sort it out and reply within an hour, which is excellent.

NitrogenSports also offers email support which I have had no reason to use so far.

NitrogenSports Privacy & Security

Information required at signup: None.

2-Factor Authentication: Available.

Is NitrogenSports a Scam?

No. NitrogenSports is one of the most reliable and oldest standing Bitcoin Sportsbooks available. They have plenty of happy customers.

NitrogenSports Review: Summary

As a whole, I definitely recommend NitrogenSports to anyone looking to bet, whether you have bitcoin or not. It is my main Sportsbook and it should be your one too. The design is nice and simple, odds are excellent, and the variety of sports is top notch. NitrogenSports has everything you are looking for in a Sportsbook.

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