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GGBook Review 2017 – The latest eSports Betting Platform Reviewed.

GGBook Review
GGBook Review

GGBook Review – eSports Bitcoin Betting

GGBook.eu is a brand new eSports exclusive betting platform. ggbook offers pre-match and in-play markets on every eSport you can think of.

  • Decent Odds
  • Nice Clean Layout
  • Deposits and Withdrawals are quick
  • Lots of matches are available to bet on
  • We would like to see higher limits
  • Markets are sometimes locked for an extended period of time

GGBook Review Design

The website is well designed, it is no Picasso but it does the job. The site is nice and simple and easy to bet on. The markets and lines are nicely laid out so it is easy to tell what you are betting on.

However, it is not perfect, we would like it to be more clear on what we are going to bet on. For example, when betting on the winner we are given the option to bet on W1 or W2. This could potentially lead to some incorrectly placed bets.

GGBook Review
GGBook Review

The My Account section is nicely organised. It is easy to view open, won, lost and returned bets. It shows the detail we want to see and is well presented.

As a whole, the design and website in its self is a pure experience. There are no promotional banners, adverts, casino or anything like that. It is plain and simple.

GGBook Review Features

GGBook is pure and simple. They simply off eSports betting and do is well. There are no casinos or anything like that to entice you. Which can be good and bad, depending on what you want.

GGBooks main feature is offering eSports betting. They offer a wide range of sports like Dota 2, LOL, CSGO, Hearthstone, Starcraft and more. To add to this they offer various markets like match winners, handicaps, total rounds, pistol round winners and the list goes on.

GGBook is also one of the only bitcoin sportsbooks to offer live betting on eSports. This is a great feature to have and many eSports handicappers will be incredibly pleased to see this feature. The fact that GGBook offers live bet is great, however, we would like it to be more consistent. In that lines don’t constantly go down so you can’t place your bet. Also in a BO3 game, we would love to be able to get on map 2 and map 3 when map 1 is in-play, currently there is no option to do so.

GGBook.eu Live Bet
GGBook.eu Live Bet

Various competitions are held in their discord channel and on their Twitter which gives all of GGBooks users a great chance to earn some extra bitcoin.

Live chat, Discord support and e-mail support is also offered. This is a great thing to see from a bookmaker and the discord support channel is unique solely to ggbook at the moment.


GGBooks Odds & Limits

From our experience, GGBooks odds are pretty impressive. For example, when betting on LOL we noticed GGBook took a 18% house cut on the match winner. This is very impressive and should be one of the reasons why you should be betting on GGBook. There are some cases where GGBook takes a 30% house cut, for example on pistol rounds in CSGO where the odds are 1.85 at evens.

GGBook Betslip
GGBook Betslip

Limits could be improved and when I brought this up to them they did agree and say it was something they would like to do in the future. Currently, for a LOL show match between KT Rolster and SKT there is a limit of winning 100 mBtc, which is around $250.

After having a quick look the odds look impressive, however, we would like to see higher limits.

GGBooks Markets

This was briefly talked about earlier. Compared to other bitcoin sportsbooks ggbook do not offer a wide variety of sports to bet on. This is obvious because they only offer eSports.

However, the bet types that they offer for eSports is pretty impressive. GGBook offers more bet types than NitrogenSports and Lunarbets do which is great to see.

One issue I did have with ggbook is a few of the markets would just disappear for a long period of time before the game even started. Meaning I would have to sit and wait for the market to reopen.

GGBooks Transactions

Unique deposit addresses: None

Payment Processor: Cubits

Fee: None

Deposits: From a couple of minutes to 20 minutes in our experiance.

Withdrawal time: Instant.

Player to player transfer: Not available.

GGBooks Customer Service

From our experience, GGBooks Customer Service has been great.

Let’s start off with the bad. GGBook offers a 24/7 live chat which in my experience was not very good. I used it twice and it took a long time for the support staff to answer my questions and when they did they were not very helpful.

Now onto the good stuff. GGBook offers a Discord live channel where you can receive support. Once live chat failed I decided to use discord which was a great idea. My questions got asked instantly and the support staff were incredibly helpful. If you need any help I recommend you go straight to the discord channel.

GGBook Discord
GGBook Discord

The discord channel is: http://www.discord.io/ggbook

GGBook also offers email support which I have had no reason to use.

GGBooks Privacy & Security

Information required at signup: Email address.

2-Factor Authentication: Not Available.

Is GGBook a Scam?

No. GGBook was established in 2016 and has been running a reliable and respected betting platform since.

GGBook Review Summary

As a whole, I recommend GGBook to anyone looking to bet on eSports. The design is great, odds are great and support was great. This is exactly what we were looking for in a sportsbook. However, there are a few things we would like to see like 2-Factor Authentication and highers limits among a few other things.

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