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DropGun Review – Open CSGO Cases for the Best Prices

DropGun Review
DropGun Review

DropGun Review – Open CSGO Cases for the Best Prices

Avoid, DropGun has gone solvent. No Skins.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the world. In CSGO users have the ability to open Cases to earn the chance to win CSGO Skins. However, the odds of opening a good item were always really low and the price of opening a case was increasing without the odds of getting something good increasing as well.

This is where DropGun came in. DropGun offers its users the chance to open various cases at the best prices. You are able to deposit using multiple methods. Increase your odds of winning a Dragon Lore with DropGun.

DropGun Review: Bonus

Use Code: @G O A T

To earn $1 Free without needing to Deposit. If you are feeling lucky give it a go and you may win a Glock Fade without even having to deposit.


DropGun Review: Design


The website beautifully designed website. The DropGun homepage has a nice modern simple look. The black background makes the glowing cases stand out. At the top users are able to see what other people have recently won (you will see lots of knives go past). The site is incredibly easy to explore and is not buggy at all when you click a button you will get an instant response from the website. I love the design of the website, it has a beautiful colour scheme which works well. You can see the site is well designed which shows DropGun have put effort into making their site.

DropGun Review: Features

The website has a beautiful design as well a great feature. Its sole feature is the CSGO case openings. They don’t try and tempt you into gambling on other games, which is nice to see.


DropGun offers a wide range of cases to open. You can have the option to open a Knife only case which guarantees you a knife or you can open an AWP case for $4,50 where you can win a Dragon Lore, Boom, Medusa and many other AWP Skins. DropGun also offers traditional cases to open from $1,80 which than what Valve offers.



Users are able to try each case with a Test Spin.

DropGun Review: Reputation

There are 100s of Case opening sites that want you to deposit your skins. However, not all of them are reliable, I am sure you don’t want to get scammed. DropGun is fairly new however they are emerging as one of the biggest Case opening sites. Famous YouTubers and Twitch Streamers use DropGun daily, furthermore, DropGun is one of the Official Sponsors of the Professional CSGO team Gambit. DropGun is a great place to gamble, they are reputable and legitimate.




DropGun: Deposits

One of the great features of DropGun is their payment methods. They offer multiple ways to deposit to ensure everyone is able to play.

DropGun allows its users to deposit with Visa, Skrill, Bitcoin, Paypal, with CSGO Skins and many other payment methods.


DropGun Review: Customer Service

They offer professional customer support by email.

Is DropGun a Scam?

No. DropGun is here to stay.

DropGun Review: Summary

The website looks beautiful and features a lot fo skins to win. They offer a wide variety of cases so people can open what they want. Furthermore, they offer a wide variety of prices, whether you are only looking to open a cheap case or an expensive case, your needs will be met. You are able to deposit using multiple methods including Bitcoin, CSGO Skins and Real Money. DropGun is a widely known site, they are a partner of Gambit who were recently at the CSGO PGL Major in Krakow. DropGun is an excellent site to responsibly game on and is a real competitor to sites like SkinHub and HellCase.

Overall we give DropGun 4.5/5.


4.5 Star Rating Review
4.5 Star Rating Review


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