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ESEA v FaceIt v CEVO – Best CSGO MatchMaking Service


ESEA v FaceIt v CEVO

If you have lost the drive to play matchmaking because you have reached Global Elite or you are fed up of hackers and griefers then I recommend you check out these services. ESEA, Faceit & CEVO offer a completely different environment and can change the way the game plays. If you are fed up with MM then you can either start pugging against really great players, search for a team and play scrims or try to get into leagues. There are third-party party companies that offer such services: ESEA, FACEIT & CEVO. After having a large amount of experience on all 3 services I can give a good insight into what these services do well and what they don’t do well, making sure you get the service that works best for you.


ESEA FaceIt Cevo Prices
ESEA FaceIt Cevo Prices



  • Effective anti-cheat
  • Karma System
    • Trolls/Griefers earn negative karma and can get banned.
  • 128-tick
  • Excellent servers
  • Simple Client
  • Paywall
    • People less likely to troll of paying for ESEA
  • Queue system
  • Reserved slot on FragShack DM servers
  • League system with huge prices
  • Scrim system
  • Recruitment centre
    • Find teams/players
  • Ladder System with different ranks so players are matched with players who are similar quality
  • Rank-S gives players an option to get noticed by the big teams
  • Really popular in NA


  • Quite Expensive
  • Incredibly Intrusive Client
  • No ladder system, resulting in unbalanced games from time to time
  • People play for RWS, meaning they play for kills/bomb plants and not for teamwork or to win.
  • Scumbag Company
  • People can get very upset and kick you/give you negative karma if you underperform.

Join ESEA Now & Have A Better Experience

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  • 128 tick
  • Ladder system (Compete for prizes)
  • ELO-System
  • Free & Paid Option
  • Queue system
  • FPL & FPL-C offer a chance to play with the best players and get noticed by a big team e.g. Ropz.
  • Anti-Cheat
  • Popular in EU


  • Servers not as good as ESEAs
  • No client, website only
    • A Windows-Only client is currently in Beta.
  • People go AFK/Leave games because it’s free and they don’t care.
  • Involves a massive grind to move from the lower ranks which have many ‘free’ players who troll and grief.



  • 128 tick
  • Great Servers
  • Good Anti-Cheat
  • Free & Paid Options
  • Has a decent Client


  • Client is confusing.
  • No Queue System (can take a while to find a game)
  • Not as many people play CEVO as ESEA & FaceIt
  • In Free matches, people go AFK/leave because they don’t care
  • No ladder system or matchmaking, resulting in very very unbalanced games

ESEA v FaceIt v CEVO Summary

If you have the money to pay for ESEA, FaceIt or CEVO then 100% do it, it is worth it.

ESEA has the best anti-cheat in the game, however, they have the most intrusive client. Furthermore, ESEA has the best servers. ESEA also has the best players from Day 1 who are willing to work hard and play properly.

FaceIt has FPL which can be a huge factor, so if you want to play with the pros and become a professional gamer then FaceIt may be for you if you are from EU. However, FPL isn’t very big in NA, so choose ESEA who offer Rank-S. This is the equivalent of FPL and will allow you to play for the NA Pro Players like Fallen & n0thing.


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