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There is a lot of bad information about CS GO Betting out there. We made this guide to educate you on what to avoid and how to find scammers.

Gambling Addiction

Let’s start off with the worst bit. Some people gamble responsibly. However, the majority of people are addicted to gambling. When you are addicted you make bad and compulsive bets, which can become incredibly dangerous. Worst case scenario is gambling can ruin your life. Some people gamble without knowing anything about the CSGO Betting scene or how gambling actually works.

Find out if you have a gambling addiction with these anonymous and quick 20 questions. There is nothing to be ashamed about!

Other good resources include:

Gamblers Anonymous


Cash Betting

Also known as real money betting. This is the traditional way to make a bet and is the most popular way to do it. Cash betting is the most regulated type of betting. Governments regulate cash betting sites to ensure people do not get scammed or addicted. Regulation is when restrictions are put in place, like requiring ID. Some countries disallow gambling. Others allow it for those 18+.

Governments regulate the consumers and the actual gambling sites to ensure fair play.

Cash betting is traceable which means you can trace where your money has gone. So if a gambling site has scammed you it is possible to earn your money back.

Bitcoin Betting

Betting with Bitcoin is the 2nd most popular way to gamble. Bitcoin is a digital currency. Bitcoin is decentralised, anonymous and transparent. No one controls or regulates it.

Unlike cash betting, there are no fees with Bitcoin. When depositing on gambling websites with a card you may have to pay a 3%. This is not the case with Bitcoin. For example, when depositing $1,000 with a credit card you will have to pay $1,030. However, you only have to pay $1,000 with bitcoin. Furthermore, Bitcoin offers instant transactions, so no need to wait 24 hours for a withdrawal. These are one of many factors why Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular.

Bitcoin is completely anonymous. No one knows who you are when you send or receive Bitcoin. This is why it is hugely popular on the dark net. To add onto this, the majority of bitcoin bookmakers are also anonymous. This is making bitcoin betting increasingly popular in countries that are heavily regulated.

For a reliable bitcoin betting website, we suggest Nitrogen Sports.

Betting CS GO Skins

CS GO Betting has become increasingly popular. CSGO Skin prices can change frequently depending on the market, which is very volatile. Since the market is volatile it is possible to get a $40 for only $30 in real money. Many CS GO gambling sites offer their own prices for skins

One way to do this is to monitor the market for changes in prices and check every CSGO gambling site to see what price they offer for it.

The easier way is to buy skins from a 3rd part store such as G2A

G2A Buy & Sell CSGO Skins

G2A offer a reliable and secure way to buy discounted skins. The majority of skins are 20% off, however, if you keep checking back you can get some great offers.

These discounts are great and are a great way to make money and to win at CS GO Betting. If you deposit $50 you will be able to buy a CSGO skin for around $65, giving you an easy $15 profit before you even start gambling.

Just remember to treat your skins as cash. They have real value and are real money. Be sensible.

What Can CSGO Skins Be Bet On?

Roulette & Casino Games

CSGO Gambling originally took off with jackpot websites. These became incredibly popular and allowed users to win over $3,000 with only $10. Eventually, new gambling games like roulette games started to appear. They were simple and addictive. Casino games appealed to many because they were fun and allowed consumers to double, triple and even x50 their bets.

CSGO Case Sites

Case sites are new and becoming incredibly popular. Case sites are just like the cases found in the actual game where users would receive a case drop, they could purchase a key and open it to win a skin.

CS GO Case sites allow users to purchase cases from $0.03 to $100. Cases can be customised and have different type of skins in.

We recommend and use Skin Hub

Real Sports & eSports

Unlike casino type games, it is possible to have the edge over gambling sites with real sports. With good knowledge, players are able to have an advantage over odds makers when they make a mistake.

Bookmakers do have a house edge so they can make money, here is an example of bookmakers house edges.

Nitrogen Sports – 11.5%

CSGO188 – 4%

VPGame – 5%

Fanobet – 18%

Betting on websites like NitrogenSports, CSGO188 and VPGame is a lot easier to earn a house edge.

There is an element of skill required to get an edge over bookmakers. While most casually wager, there are professionals. Professionals are very knowledgeable on the sports they bet on and often have models which scan bookmakers looking for +vig odds. These professionals make a lot of money.

CS GO Betting – Can I Win?

Yes, you definitely can win. We are here to help you do that. There are 2 ways to ensure you can win

  1. Follow our CSGO Betting Advice
  2. Read our Guides to so you can educate yourself on gambling

On casino games, it is impossible to win in the long run. However, on sports betting it is 100% possible.

House Edge

All casino games have a mathematical advantage over you. Most have a house edge between 5% and 10%. Some of the worse casino games can have well over 10% house edge. For every $100 bet, the house will on average take $5 to $10. So if you play and heads and tails game which is 50/50 win you will still be down in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, you can play and win a few rounds, but in the long run, you will lose. These sites exist to make a profit for themselves, not for you. They aren’t a charity.


Beware of CSGO Item Betting Professionals

Professional bettors do an incredible amount of research. Betting is their full-time job. They do not bet with emotion, they do not tilt bet and lose it all. They bet with data, statistics, models and knowledge. Professional bettors bet on good odds. You won’t see professional bettors betting on odds of 1.12. Professional bettors know what they are doing.

Item Arbitrage

Minimise Losses + Maximise Winnings

As we talked about earlier with skins you can minimise the amount you lose and maximise the amount you win. Item arbitrage is buying items that are underpriced and cashing out items that are overpriced.

If say CSGO188 is valuing a skin at $100, but you can buy it for $75 on G2A then you have just arbitraged.

Simply buy your skin from G2A and deposit it on a skin betting website. When you want to cash out, you will receive your skins. Fortunately, Many sites are new to this industry and do not have a firm grasp on item values and it is incredibly hard to properly monitor CSGO skin prices 24/7. This means you could get a $100 skin when all you did was win $80 worth of skins. Another 20% advantage over the bookmakers.

What if you can take that $100 item you paid $80 for and sell it for more on G2A? Another gain for you.

If you are able to buy cheap CSGO items and cash out overpriced items and sell them for a premium, you may be able to walk away a BIG winner.


Start making that money with CS GO Betting!



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