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The Most Important Betting Resources

Empowering you to become more knowledgeable about CSGO Betting.

Here are the most important CSGO Betting Resources you will need to become a successful bettor.

This page aims to give you every piece of information and help you will need to properly earn money from CSGO Betting. Find links to Guides, Statistics, Team Profiles and every other resource you will need.

If you are looking for a certain statistic or resource and you feel we can help you then be sure to leave a comment anywhere on our website.

One of the most powerful resources CSGOAnalyst can offer you is our CSGO Betting Advice. This is a great place to start and learn about teams and what my predictions are.

Another great resource we can offer you is our Guides section. There you can find various helpful Guides like bankroll management. These Guides will be incredibly helpful for you as a CSGO Handicapper.

Our Review section can also be incredibly helpful. The first thing to do when you start betting is to find a good Sportsbook. Read our reviews and find the right sportsbook for you so you can start earning money. We personally use NitrogenSports who offer the best odds on all sports.

Now things may start to get interesting for you. We provide a Kelly Criterion Calculator which can really help those who have trouble with bank roll management. Our Kelly Calculator uses a formula which determines the optimal bet size for you. Simply enter the Sportsbooks odds, then enter the odds you feel the teams should have, then add your bankroll size and you are there.

The Odds Converter is another great resource. People like to use different odds and if you don’t understand a certain odd then you can use our quick and easy conversion tool which will easily convert decimal, fraction, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malay & probability/percentage odds.

One of my favourites resources is our CSGO Pro Players Twitter resource. Here you can find the Twitter accounts for various teams and players. This can be a vital resource in keeping up to date with the players.

CSGO Team Profiles is probably why you are here. It is the most vital resource you can use while csgobetting. On each team profile, you can view their Twitter Profiles, Steam Profiles, Map Pools, Map Vetos and various other Statistics. If you are going to use any resource of ours, we recommend you use this one. Before you bet on any game make sure to check the teams profile to make sure they are good on the maps and they are in good form.