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Best CSGOLounge Alternatives 2017


Best CSGOLounge Alternatives

CSGOLounge no longer offers a betting service when Valve decided to take down all skin betting websites. However, many CSGOLounge Alternatives have popped up since then offering you the chance to bet real money, bitcoin and skins.

We have used and do recommend all of the sites we are going to recommend. In our opinion, all of these sites are better than CSGOLounge was.

Skin Betting CSGOLounge Alternatives

A few good CSGO Skin Betting websites are still around and we think you will love them.



ArcaneBet Welcome Bonus
ArcaneBet Welcome Bonus

In Our Opinion, ArcaneBet is the Best CSGOLounge alternative. Unlike, all the other Skin Betting alternatives, ArcaneBet is a legal website. This means ArcaneBet will not run away with your money or get shut down by Valve. Your skins are safe with them.

ArcaneBet is an exclusive eSports Betting Platform meaning they offer over 20 eSports to bet on. This is way more than what any other skin betting website will offer. At CSGOAnalyst we like to occasionally predict LoL, however, only DrakeLounge offers LoL lines.

Depositing on ArcaneBet is incredibly easy. Firstly, they offer a wide range of payment methods including CSGO Skins, Bitcoin & Debit/Credit Card.

Furthermore, if you sign up with this link: http://welcome.arcanebet.com/csgoanalyst/

and Use Code: ANALYST

You will get a $€£100 Welcome Bonus.



VPGame - CSGOLounge Alternative
VPGame – CSGOLounge Alternative

Originally, VPGame used to be a Dota only betting website, however, with the fall of CSGOLounge it started to offer CSGO match betting. VPGame is owned by Hangzhou Weipei Network Technology Co., Ltd. who is a Chinese based company and are heavily invested in the Chinese Dota scene.

VPGame is one of my favourite CSGOLounge Alternative. It offers a bunch of CSGO, Dota & ‘sports sport games. The design is very nice and clean which is great. It is simple and obvious how to make a bet.

Depositing skins is simple, simply go to My VP > Steam Inventory > CSGO Inventory. Unlike CSGOLounge, VPGame has no issues with bots and they are always up, meaning no need to wait to deposit. Unfortunately, some skins are not bettable like some of the cheaper knives.

VPGame odds are great, they only take a 5% house cut which is one of the lowest you can get from any bookmaker. It is slightly higher than the house cut that CSGOLounge took which was 4%.

Like CSGOLounge, VPGame is a player v player betting platform. This means the odds will continue to chance until the betting lines close. Odds will chance depending how much is placed on each team

VPGame is ranked #2 as our CSGOLounge Alternatives. If you want to get back into betting skins we recommend you check out VPGame.


CSGO188 is our 2nd favourite CSGO Skin Betting website. Like VPGame, CSGO188 is also Chinese owned. Furthermore, like VPGame csgo188 originally was a Dota Skin Betting website (dota188.com) that expanded into CSGO Betting once CSGOLounge fell.

CSGO188 also offers Dota and Sports betting like soccer and basketball. The design is nice and simple. However, in my opinion, it is not as good as VPGames design.

Depositing skins are super simple, simply go to Bot Bag > Add Items and choose which items you would like to deposit. Like VPGame, all bots are up all the time so you can deposit and withdraw instantly whenever you want. Like VPGame, not all skins can be deposited. However, they do accept more skins.

CSGO188 odds are very good, they only take a 4% house cut which is the lowest you can get for CSGO Betting.

CSGO188 is a player v player betting platform like VPGame and CSGOLounge.


Fanobet - CSGOLounge Alternative
Fanobet – CSGOLounge Alternative

Fanobet is our 3rd best CSGO Skin Betting website. Fanobet was created when CSGOLounge was still around and has grown ever since, now offering Bitcoin and real money wagering.

Pretty much every eSport you can think of is available to bet on on Fanobet as well as many other sports. They have the largest sports offering of any of the skin betting websites. The design is nice and simple and easy to use.

Depositing skins are very easy to do. They use RedFoxPay as their skin depositing processor. I have deposited many times to Fanobet with great ease. Depositing is open 24/7 with no issues, you are able to deposit and withdraw instantly. When depositing your skins are turned into real $$. So if you deposit a $10 skin you will be able to place 2 separate $10 bets and so on. When withdrawing you will be able to withdraw skins with the value upto your balance. They accept more skins than VPGame and CSGO188 do. However the skins have a lower value, so you get less for your money.

Their odds are not particularly good. They take about a 15% house cut. However, users are able to create multi bets/chain bets/parlays/accumulators. Fanobet also offers more CSGO games to bet on then VPGame or CSGO188 do.

Unlike CSGO188, VPGame and CSGOLounge you are betting against the house. This means the odds you place your bet on are the odds you get.


DrakeLounge - Alternative to CSGOLounge
DrakeLounge – Alternative to CSGOLounge

DrakeLounge is the 4th and last best CSGO Skin Betting website. It is one of the newer CSGO Betting websites. It has a sister site which is a CSGO Case Opening website.

DrakeLounge offers CSGO, Dota & LOL betting. In my opinion, it is one of the best-designed betting websites. The design is nice and simple and easy to use.

Depositing skins is so easy. Click Deposit and add the skins you want to deposit. Like the other websites, depositing is open 24/7 and you should have no issues depositing or withdrawing when you want. Like Fanobet when you deposit your skins are turned into $ value. To withdraw, just go to the Store and purchase the skins that you can afford with your winnings. You can deposit most skins, however, you won’t get as good value as you would from CSGO188 or VPGame.

The odds on DrakeLounge can be pretty bad, however, occasionally you can find some great value. They take about an 18% house cut. However, users are able to create multi bets/chain bets/parlays/accumulators.

Bitcoin Betting CSGOLounge Alternatives

After CSGOLounge collapsed many people moved to Bitcoin betting which was the sensible thing to do. It offered a more complete way to bet. You also wouldn’t have to worry about Valve banning the bots of skin betting websites like what has happened to CSEsports.


ArcaneBet Welcome Bonus

ArcaneBet offers its users the chance to bet with BitCoin. It is one of our favourite places to bet with bitcoin.


NitrogenSports is one of our favourite place to bet on CSGO. They are a Bitcoin only focused sportsbook offering games on every sport you can think of. They have a great selection of CSGO games to bet on. Nitrogen is one of the original bitcoin betting platforms and they have been around for ages. They are a reliable sportsbook. The design can be improved, it can be a bit buggy and slow. It could look better, however, it works.

Depositing Bitcoin to Nitrogen is incredibly easy. They offer instant deposits. You are given your very own wallet where you deposit your bitcoin to and once you send it you will see it in your balance. Withdrawing from Nitrogen is just as easy, sometimes withdrawing can be instant or it can take a couple of hours.

The odds on NitrogenSports are very good. They copy Pinnacle lines who always offer great odds. NitrogenSports take a 12.5% house cut which is very good for a sportsbook where you are betting against the house. Users are able to create multi bets/chain bets/parlays/accumulators.

This makes NitrogenSports one of our favourite CSGOLounge Alternatives.


LunarBets is our 2nd favourite Bitcoin Sportsbook. LunarBets is a new bitcoin sportsbook offering a new experience to players.

Similar to NitrogenSports, LunarBets offers a bunch of sports to gamble on. They have a great selection of CSGO matches as well. The design is nice and modern, however, we found that the website can be a bit buggy.

Depositing onto LunarBets is very easy. Like Nitrogen, you are given your own personal wallet where you can deposit as much bitcoin as you like whenever you want. Unfortunately, deposits are not instant, they require 2 confirmations, which can take up a couple of hours. However, withdrawals are instant, as soon as you request a withdrawal the bitcoin will be released.

The odds on LunarBets are good. They offer the same limits as NitrogenSports and also have less vig then them. This means the odds are slightly better. Lunarbets take about a 10% house cut which is very impressive.



As well as skins, Fanobet offers bitcoin betting. Depositing requires 2 confirmations and withdrawing can take up to 24 hours, in some cases 48 hours.

Real Money Betting CSGOLounge Alternatives

Real Money Betting websites have been around for a while and offer the greatest selection of sports to bet on. Real Money Betting websites are heavily regulated and if you are a winner they do have a tendency to ban your account.


ArcaneBet Welcome Bonus

ArcaneBet offers various ways to deposit real money like Debit/Credit Card, Paypal and Neteller and much more.

ArcaneBet Review Deposit Methods
ArcaneBet Review

Be Sure to Sign up with our link and use code ANALYST to enjoy a $£€100 Welcome Bonus.




Bet365 is one of the most popular sportsbooks in Europe & Canada. They have a great selection of sports to bet on, a wide choice of in-play bets and a great number of markets. The design is flash based isn’t great, apart from that the design is very nice and simple.

Bet365 accepts numerous deposit methods like credit card, bank transfer, Paypal and so on. Depositing is instant however withdrawing can take up to 24 hours depending on the method.

The odds on Bet365 are considered to be pretty good. They take around a 12% house cut and usually have very good limits.


Betway is one of the other CSGOLounge Alternatives. They used to only offer real sports, however, have since expanded into eSports and CSGO. They sponsor teams like NiP. The design is very good.

Like Bet365 they offer numerous ways to deposit, not as many as Bet365 though. In most cases deposits are instant and withdrawals can take 24 hours or even more.

The odds on Betway are alright. They take a 15% cut, it could be better considering they are such a big sportsbook.

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