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[27/07/2017] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

27th July 2017 CSGO Betting Advice

ESEA League is on again, however, there isn’t as many games as the last couple of days. We also have the SkinHub Championship.  Let’s get some winners with my CSGO Betting tips.

FlipSide v Team123

This is going to be another Team123 fade. They just aren’t playing well. The handicap isn’t released yet but I will probably be going for the Flipside handicap.

Team123 are not good on Inferno, with only a 15% win rate. Whereas Flipside have had much better performances.

Flipside ML is currently 1.3 which leads me to believe the handicap will be quite good.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 3.5u Flipside to win @ 1.3 on NitrogenSports.

EDIT: Unfortunately, odds went to shit. ML is now 1.19 and handicap is -6.5

ballogando v Tricked

ballogando is a new team with players from different countries. Tricked (ex singularity) have been together for a while and although they dipped after ANJ left they have still been pulling some decent results.

ballogando are a new team so their map pool won’t be too good. They are also all from different countries so I assume they will be speaking English. This means their communication will not be up to par.

The handicap for tricked is -3.5 which seems quite generous. However, ballogando has great players in ayken & sperr.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 2u Tricked -3.5 @ 1.91 on NitrogenSports.

Bpro v WySix

WySix are looking like a great team, however, they only look good when their star player, zywoo, is playing well. Bpro are an alright team, they have pulled some decent results, but also had some bad loses.

I personally like WySix on this map. The handicap isn’t out yet but I will take it if it is -2.5.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 2u WySix -2.5 @ 1.945 on NitrogenSports.




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