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[23/06/2017] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

23rd June 2017 CSGO Betting Advice

ECS is finally here, we should have some great games today.

Faze v Optic

Map is overpass which is a bit strange, I was not expecting this map. Optic is starting CT side on Overpass which gives their handicap a nice advantage.

1u Optic +5.5 @ 1.82 on NitrogenSports

G2 v SK

SK have looked super strong recently and I love them. As the analyts have been saying cache is one of their maps. SK as underdogs is great

2u SK to win @ 2 on NitrogenSports

SK v Faze

Faze struggled against Optic and got lucky. I like SK. No bet from me though.

Fnatic v C9

Fnatic is still so shaky and I love to fade them.

1u C9 +3.5 @ 1.87 on NitrogenSports


Astralis v C9

map is Mirage, my csgo bet is:

1.5u Astralis -4.5 @ 2 on NitrogenSports


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