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[21/07/2017] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

21st July 2017 CSGO Betting Advice


Loads of games on today. We have the PGL CSGO Major and DreamHack Atlanta today. Let’s get some winners with my CSGO Betting tips.

Gambit v Fnatic

Gambit has looked really hot recently. They clearly know what they are doing with all of their wins being comfortable wins. Fnatic has looked decent, they managed to beat Flip, Navi & G2 but lost to Astralis and VP. Flip, Navi & G2 are all weaker teams so don’t get too impressed by Fnatic. Obviously, Fnatic has the bigger and more well-known players.

Things may be slightly different now we are in the playoffs because teams with the smaller map pools won’t be able to ban the maps they don’t play. This leads me onto my issue with Gambit. We don’t know what their map pool is.

Gambit will most likely ban Mirage & Overpass/Nuke

Fnatic will most likely ban Nuke/Train/Cobble

To be honest, It is hard to say what this veto will be like.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 1.5u Gambit to win @ 1.936 & 0.5u Gambit -1.5 @ 3.792 on NitrogenSports

Astralis v SK

SK are my favourites to win the Major. This should be a win for SK, they have looked hot, their only loss was against BIG. Astralis have also looked strong, their only loss was against SK. I do believe SK will take this however, I will not be betting on SK. The odds simply aren’t good enough, this is pretty much a 50/50 game. I doubt SK will be able to take the series 2-0 because Astralis is a strong team and they won’t just roll over and die. In SKs 3 wins, they had 1 player going off. Whereas in Astralis’ wins they were all evenly matched. This puts me in Astralis’ favour, SK only won their games because 1 player went off with 30+ kills.

Both teams have excellent map pools so I personally won’t be worried about either team having to play a map they aren’t confident on.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 1u Astralis to win their map pick @ 2.281 on NitrogenSports.

BIG v Immortals

BIG has looked incredibly strong this tournament. I don’t think anyone was expecting this from BIG. All of their wins were against strong teams (C9, Faze & SK). Immortals have also looked strong.

I do like BIG to take the series, however, I am just unsure about them. It could be possible that teams were underestimating them, would Immortals do the same? They also could have done so well because the only map they played was Inferno, we have no idea what they are like on every other map.

This leads me onto the map picks. We don’t really know what BIGs map pool is going to be. BIG will most likely Nuke/Cache/Mirage and Immortals will most likely ban Nuke and maybe Train. Immortals seem to have the stronger map pool, they are strong on Inferno, Overpass & Cobble. Immortals have the upper hand on the map picks.

My CSGO Betting Advice is to take 2u Immortals to win the series @ 1.84 on NitrogenSports. 0.5u Immortals -1.5 @ 3.515 on NitrogenSports is also a good bet.

EnVyUs v NRG

NV has a tendency to not really stomp teams. This is a bit of a long shot and I suggest skipping for those who have smaller bankrolls or whatever. Take Over 26.5 @ 1.965 on NitrogenSports

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