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[19/01/2017] CSGO Betting Advice

CSGO Betting Advice
CSGO Betting Advice

19th December 2017 CSGO Betting Advice

The CSGO Eleague Major is finally here. We only get 2 of these a year so this is something special. I am going to be giving loads of CSGO Betting Advice for these games, make sure to follow my twitter for any in-play bets and to see my betslips!

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CSGO Betting

BIG v Liquid

BIG @ 2.083 on NitrogenSports

QB Fire v VP

QB Fire +5.5 @ 1.790 on NitrogenSports

Gambit v Navi

Gambit @ 1.885 on NitrogenSports

Astralis v Mousesports

Astralis -2.5 @ 1.885 on NitrogenSports

Vega v North

Vega +3.5 @ 1.777 on NitrogenSports

Space Soldiers v SK

Space Soldiers +4.5 @ 1.868 on NitrogenSports

G2 v Cloud9

Cloud9 @ 2.014 on NitrogenSports







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