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[10/06/2017] CS GO Betting Results

CSGO Betting Results
CSGO Betting Results

10th June 2018 CS GO Betting Results

Another really strong day from us. Only 3 bets, but we won all of them. I am up almost $1,000 today which is insane. Let’s keep this hot run going. Be sure to follow along and share this website with your friends so they can earn this money as well.

2u Tengri +4.5 @ 2.083 – WIN

3u Tengri +4.5 @ 2.083 – WIN

2.5u Immortals -1.5 @ 2.5 – WIN

2.5u Dong Hyun Kim to beat Thibault Gouti @ 1.8 – match cancelled

W/L Record: 63-43

Overall: +52.4805u

Today: +9.165u


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