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CSGO Betting

CSGOAnalyst is an avid CSGO Handicapper and keeps up to date with all things CSGO Betting. We are here to help you achieve every opportunity that CSGO gambling has to offer you. We want you to earn as much money as possible, whether you are from the USA, UK, Malaysia, Russia or any other country. CSGOAnalyst offers the perfect place to find out anything you need to know about eSports betting. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is our favourite game, however, we enjoy betting on other eSports like League of Legends.

CSGO Betting is getting more and more popular. In my opinion, eSports is booming and CSGO Betting is a part of that. As this happens more and more BookMakers are adding CSGO Betting lines and matches. There you will have more chances to earn money with me. The majority of our bets are handicap bets, money line bets and map best. We bet on events like ECS, ELS, and ESEA.

CSGOAnalyst is an expert at CS GO Betting and Sports Betting as a whole. We have 5 years of experience and are here to offer all of that experience to you. We use this experience to help you find the best bookmakers and gambling sites with unbiased reviews, for example, our ArcaneBet Review.

CSGOAnalyst offers you the chance to earn some free money with our Free Bets page. On the Free Bets page, you will see links and codes to earn some free money. Whether you are a novice or a pro gambler we are here to help, we only recommend safe betting sites that we personally use. Above all CSGOAnalyst aims to make you its #1 priority.

The CSGO Betting market is constantly evolving. We are here to keep you up to date with everything you need know. CSGOAnalyst will ensure the bookmaker will never have the advantage over you, you will have the advantage over them.


CS GO Betting Advice

CSGOAnalyst is a dedicated CSGOBetting website. We aim to offer the best free CSGO Betting Advice anyone has to offer. Our mission is to take predicting to the next level by offering the best analysis by leaving no stone unturned when researching. CSGO Analyst aims to make all of our users as much as possible, so far we have helped our users make over $10,000. We hope you leave our website happy.

Unlike some predicting services, we do not bet on every game. We carefully determine whether each match has any betting value. This allows us to only offer advice on the most profitable matches. Which then allows you to earn the most money possible.

We not only offer you predictions on the latest matches and tournaments. We offer betting guides on how to have proper bankroll management and how to make the most money from CSGO Betting.

One tip we can offer you right now is to find a proper sportsbook that is reliable and won’t run away with your hard earned money. We highly suggest using NitrogenSports and OneHash for the best odds. They are the main SportsBook we use.

We have various plans in the future to implement new features that can take your CSGO gambling to the next level. For instance, we plan to implement live scores, models, odd comparisons and many more features.

First and foremost our key aim is to offer free betting advice, however, we do offer frequent giveaways like free Bitcoin and free CSGO Skins.




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